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So Clever I Wish I’d Thought It Up First: Quirky

Earlier today I discovered a website that might be my new favorite place to spend time on the Internet: Quirky. If you’re unfamiliar with this website, it’s a place where people can go to submit ideas for things they’ve created or want to have created, and then members of the Quirky community can vote on […]

Back to School

This was with the front facing camera, which explains the blurriness... but not sure about the rotation.

A few months ago I mentioned my plans to go back to school, and today was finally the first day of classes for my program. The late start in the semester wasn’t something I originally planned, but knowing that I wouldn’t be able to take any extended vacations once I was enrolled in classes meant […]

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

Fact 1: St. Louis is a great place to watch live theater performances, with venues such as the Fabulous Fox and the Muny. Fact 2: Experiencing a live Broadway show¬†on¬†Broadway was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had (and lets me check an item off my Bucket List). When planning my trip to visit […]

The Notebook

Last week while I was visiting my sister Melanie, she shared one of her old journals with my mom and me. My mom remarked that she remembered the journal being part of a homework assignment that spanned an entire school year when Melanie was in third grade, but never read any of the entries as […]

The Big Apple

The Big Apple

Over the last several days my mom and I have been visiting my older sister and her family in the Poconos, and despite the fact that it’s much colder here than in St. Louis (and that my sister’s house is at the base of mountain and my internet connection is mostly non-existent), the time spent […]

True Confession #7: Watching TV is My “Hidden Superpower”

A few months ago, while discussing tv shows that a couple of friends and I were each watching or getting caught up on, I accidentally outed what is probably my biggest guilty pleasure, and which also doubles as a sort of hidden talent: my ability to catch up on entire seasons of television in as […]

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