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So Clever I Wish I’d Thought It Up First: Quirky

Earlier today I discovered a website that might be my new favorite place to spend time on the Internet: Quirky.

If you’re unfamiliar with this website, it’s a place where people can go to submit ideas for things they’ve created or want to have created, and then members of the Quirky community can vote on ideas to try making them a reality.

I haven’t quite figured out all of the nuances or quirks with the site yet, but have explored a few project pages to see some great inventions in the works. And since the goal of this website is to actually make the inventions available for purchase one day, there’s an option to shop in the Quirky store for finished inventions.

Some of the inventions I’ve viewed seem a little excessive or unnecessary (I remember seeing a “splash guard” to help keep food on a plate better, but couldn’t really imagine ever needing something like that), but others are pretty cool and could actually be things I’d one day like to own.

A couple of my favorites are a bicycle pump that is actually part of the frame, so you can fill up a flat tire on the road and not have to lug around an extra piece of equipment, and of course, the fridge camera/monitor that syncs your refrigerator contents to your smartphone.

The possibilities of new inventions are endless, and being able to not only get a glimpse of what could possibly exist, but vote on whether or not you think it’s a good idea, AND even potentially help develop or influence that project’s creation is pretty amazing.

Hopefully without sounding like too much of an ad here, I’d suggest heading over to Quirky and taking a look for yourself, especially if you like finding out about new gadgets before the rest of the world, have an idea to submit, or just want to vote on random inventions.

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