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The Phantom of the Opera

Fact 1: St. Louis is a great place to watch live theater performances, with venues such as the Fabulous Fox and the Muny.

IMG_20131010_194342753Fact 2: Experiencing a live Broadway show on Broadway was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had (and lets me check an item off my Bucket List).

When planning my trip to visit my sister, I hoped that we would be able to spend a day sight-seeing in Manhattan, as she lives a little under 2 hours away from the city, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be able to catch a Broadway show– one that happens to be one of my favorites– while visiting the city.

Well, maybe I hoped we’d be able to find some reasonably priced tickets in the nosebleed section of a theater, or get tickets for a not so popular show. But, I never even considered that we’d be able to find tickets to Phantom of the Opera (the longest running show on Broadway), and wind up with tickets in the Orchestra section (about 13 rows from the stage).

A couple of years ago, most of the women in my family (my grandma, mom, sisters, aunts, and cousins) attended a production of Phantom at the Fox, which was a great performance, but our group was so far away from the stage that we weren’t really able to catch some of the finer details of the production.

The seats we had at the Majestic Theater on Broadway were so close to the stage, that not only could we see the details in the Phantom’s makeup when his mask comes off (hopefully that isn’t a spoiler for anyone), but at one point in the show fire shoots up from the stage and I was able to feel the heat of the flames from my seat.

Other than just being closer to the stage and therefore able to see all of the action happening up close, details like the set pieces seeming to fit better on the stage and in the theater stood out and made the experience immensely better than the previous performance I remembered watching before.

Even though the story of Phantom is a little messed up (something I never really realized until watching it last week), I’d still go to see it again, and would definitely add other shows to my list of ones to see if I ever wind up back in New York in the future.



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