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True Confession #7: Watching TV is My “Hidden Superpower”

A few months ago, while discussing tv shows that a couple of friends and I were each watching or getting caught up on, I accidentally outed what is probably my biggest guilty pleasure, and which also doubles as a sort of hidden talent: my ability to catch up on entire seasons of television in as short amount of time as possible.

One friend even remarked that my ability to get caught up on a particular show so quickly is kind of my superpower.

Initially I wanted to disagree with that statement, until I realized that the friend was correct.

With careful time management and a high dependency on technology, I managed to develop a system where I could catch up on 1-4 episodes (or more) of a show a day, without really changing any of my normal routines. My system was fairly simple: watch one episode while eating each meal of the day (I live alone, so it’s not like I was missing out on conversations), and watch 1-2 episodes on my phone while using cardio equipment at the gym.

Within a few weeks, I was able to catch up on a couple of shows that I’d watched a season or two of and then forgotten about, and for a couple of shows, I was able to start from the beginning so I would be prepared for the Fall 2013 tv lineup.

At first, it was a fun experiment to get caught up on old seasons of tv shows, but I definitely reached the point of being burned out by some of my favorite characters/shows after exclusively watching a single show multiple times a day for an entire week or longer.

Since I’m currently caught up on everything I want to watch, I’ve been debating on cancelling my Netflix streaming account, and just waiting for shows that I’m not able to catch live to pop up online, and have already set a strict limit for the amount of time I allow myself to watch television every week.

In a few short weeks, most of my free time to undertake such frivolous hobbies will be taken up by the start of classes and homework, so I knew that if I wanted to get caught up on shows I’ve been “missing out” on, that it was something I’d only have a limited window to accomplish. I’m excited to start this new chapter with going back to school, and look forward to spending hours each week on homework and learning instead of getting mindlessly sucked into a tv show.

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