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How a Sweater Taught Me About Friendship

How a Sweater Taught Me About Friendship

Several years ago I acquired what is probably my favorite winter clothing item, and at the time my best friend purchased the same one. (Yeah, we were those girls who sometimes purchased matching outfits to wear together.) For me, the sweater was a necessary purchase as I was home for the weekend from my internship […]

I Don’t Want to be an Enabler

There’s a fine line between helpful to do the right thing, and being helpful to the point where you are enabling someone to either take advantage of you, or to ultimately hurt themselves. As often as possible, I try to go out of my way to do the right thing and be a nice person– […]

A New Challenge

One of my favorite parts about getting online is checking to see what ┬ánew articles or blog posts await me in my RSS reader. I don’t always have time to read every single item that I subscribe to, so I usually skim the headlines, open a couple in new tabs in my browser, then bookmark […]

The Road Not Taken

Earlier this week during my English class we discussed Robert Frost’s famous poem “The Road Not Taken,” and the discussion in my class about this particular poem was interesting to the point where I’m still thinking about it days later. If you’re unfamiliar with this poem, or it’s just been a while since you’ve read […]

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