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Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

Every year when it’s time to start Christmas shopping I always struggle with finding the “perfect” gift for everyone on my list.

gifts-for-person-who-has-everythingAs much as I like receiving gifts (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t), I really like finding the one gift that will stand out and let the recipient know that I spent ย time thinking about what they might want.

Since I have several people on my list who always seem to already have everything, I’ve learned that Christmas shopping is actually a year round activity, because you never know when the “perfect” present might come across your radar.

The gift ideas in tonight’s post, however, are far from the perfect gift for anyone on my list, but worth pointing out.

One thing my older sister and I have in common is our love for Doctor Who, so whenever a new geeky Doctor Who item pops up in my news feed, I always have to investigate. For a brief second I was excited about a Doctor Who game, until I clicked the link and discovered that it was just a Jenga game that had been painted.

Womp womp.

Take two. Ooh, a necktie. Father’s Day is only like 5 months away, so maybe my dad or step-dad might like something along those lines?

Or maybe not, as chain mail is only slightly impractical.

Foiled again by the ridiculous creations that exist on ThinkGeek. ๐Ÿ™

Once I realized just how silly some of the products available online were, I went searching for even crazier items, and found two more worth mentioning: The bouquet everyone needs, and the obligatory soap product.

So maybe none of these ideas will work out for anyone on my list, but it was fun looking. And luckily, still lots of time before I need to really start looking for presents to give to my challenging gift recipients.

I’m sure that these little gems aren’t even the strangest gift ideas out there, and welcome ideas of other silly items in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

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