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An interesting news story was brought to my attention today and reminded me that something I’ve been wanting to write about for quite some time is selfies and body image. The Today Show had a segment where the anchors appeared on camera without makeup, and then reportedly opened up about some of their own body issues […]

Mind Palace

One of my favorite shows introduced me to the concept of a “mind palace,” and after hearing the term just once, I was eager to find out more. If you haven’t watched Sherlock on the BBC, I highly recommend it, and to not give away too many spoilers I’ll just say that one of the characters […]

That Awkward Moment

If, like me, you are single and happen to have a fairly large circle of friends that are the opposite sex, you may have found yourself in a situation similar to the one I experienced recently. While bored during some break time at work, I decided to check in on an online dating app that […]

Hypothetical Questions

Since I’ve been neglecting writing new blog entries on a regular basis lately, I’ve been tossing around different ideas of things I could do that might help me get back into a regular schedule of writing again. One idea is to start having a random question of the day, or even a couple of random […]

Midnight Movies: What I’ve Learned as I’m Approaching 30

I love going to see a movie on the big screen. Most of the time, it’s a new release that is playing, but sometimes the theaters (at least some in St. Louis) have special viewings of older, “classics.” The catch with these special showings is that they are usually starting at midnight, which is later […]

I’ve Never…

This entry was originally posted February 2014, but part of my Spring Cleaning made me realize it was left in draft/hidden status, despite being complete. Enjoy my silly confession! 🙂 When I was in college, I was introduced to the “I’ve Never” game during a sleepover with my sorority sisters. The concept is pretty simple, where […]

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