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I’ve Never…

This entry was originally posted February 2014, but part of my Spring Cleaning made me realize it was left in draft/hidden status, despite being complete. Enjoy my silly confession! 🙂

When I was in college, I was introduced to the “I’ve Never” game during a sleepover with my sorority sisters.

The concept is pretty simple, where everyone sits in a circle and people go around stating things they’ve never done. At the start, everyone has one hand raised and for each statement that is said that they have done, they have to put down one of their fingers and the last person with any fingers up is the “winner.”

It’s a pretty good ice breaker and you definitely can learn a lot about the other people playing in just a few minutes.

Since my first time playing happened while I was in college, I heard some pretty elaborate “I’ve Nevers” from the other girls, but in the end I was declared the clear winner by stating “I’ve never been kissed.” (I didn’t really date anyone in high school, and my first year of college was too hectic between classes, working, and the commute to campus every day for me to have a social life or time to date anyone, and my new “sisters” helped me overcome that particular “I’ve Never” statement soon after my “confession.”)

My list of “I’ve Nevers” is still pretty long, but over the years I have been able to remove some from the list.

Today I was able to check a brand new “I’ve Never” off my list: I’ve never had a hair dryer– or really, any appliance– catch on fire while in use.

This little event is not something I’d ever even thought might happen, especially when the outlets installed in bathrooms have a mechanism to cut the power when things start to overheat, but apparently a faulty cord and some quick sparks will start a small fire before the outlet trips itself.

I’d have to rank this experience as one of my top 3 scariest moments of my life, and I was thankful that it was the cord and not the part in my hand (or near my head) that went up in smoke.

Once the initial panic of seeing the fire and thinking “umm, what do I do now?” had passed, I put out the flames, wiped up the scorch mark on the wall, and tossed the dryer into the trash, but am now left with the challenge of dealing with this loss until I have time to visit a store and purchase a replacement. Considering how much worse it could have been, I’m just grateful that the loss of an old hair dryer was the only bad part of the experience.

Next time I get to cross and “I’ve Never” off the list, I hope it’s a much happier, or at least fun, event. 🙂

Have you ever played this game, and if so, what are some “I’ve Nevers” you might share with a group?

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