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Midnight Movies: What I’ve Learned as I’m Approaching 30

I love going to see a movie on the big screen.

Most of the time, it’s a new release that is playing, but sometimes the theaters (at least some in St. Louis) have special viewings of older, “classics.” The catch with these special showings is that they are usually starting at midnight, which is later than I prefer to start watching a movie that is almost 2 hours long.

This weekend, however, I could not pass up the chance to watch one of my favorites on the big screen and was happy to have a couple of friends join me for The Princess Bride.

While planning our outing to the theater, I noticed one thing each of us listed as part of our preparations for the night: A pre-movie nap.

Over the years, I’ve attends lots of midnight movies and have never even considered taking a nap to prepare, but as I’ve gotten older, I know this would be helpful in ensuring I’d actually be able to stay awake for the show.

Despite my best efforts to take a nap, I didn’t get much sleep (Hodor decided he wanted to play and kept “attacking” my hands and arms the entire time), but still felt awake enough to see the movie.

I think having only one short incident of dozing off can be counted a success, although I am grateful that the friend sitting next to me noticed and poked me to wake me back up– otherwise I might have missed the rest of the movie.

As far as the movie itself, my expectations were definitely exceeded for my first ever viewing of The Princess Bride on an actual movie theater screen. Even though I’ve watched this movie countless times, I noticed new details this time around which was pretty cool.

While this was a fun way to spend the evening, I doubt I’ll make the effort to go to too many more midnight movies, unless the movie ranks as one of my top 10 all time favorites… maybe it’s just me being lame and feeling old, but I kind of value a good night’s sleep too much to make it an every weekend event. 🙂

Fellow movie-goers, have you noticed any changes in your movie-going plans as you’ve aged?

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