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That Awkward Moment

If, like me, you are single and happen to have a fairly large circle of friends that are the opposite sex, you may have found yourself in a situation similar to the one I experienced recently.

While bored during some break time at work, I decided to check in on an online dating app that I rarely use, just to see who is out there in my feed. Lo and behold, one of the first “choices” happens to be someone I know.

My immediate reaction was uncontrollable giggling, not because I think the idea of dating the person is ridiculous, but that I didn’t know they also had a profile there.

The second reaction I had was deciding whether or not to let them know I had discovered their profile (knowing that they also probably knew I had one too already).

In the end, I did share my discovery and we had a nice chuckle over it, so no harm done.

I was very fortunate that the little experience turned out the way it did, otherwise the next time that friend and I were in the same place, things might have been mighty awkward.

The lessons I’ve learned from this is that sharing such discoveries should only be done if you know the friend won’t be upset/offended/ make things awkward later on, and also that once again, the online dating pool has just about dried up for me… so it’s either time to change my parameters or search elsewhere.

If you’ve done the online dating route, how have you responded when stumbling across people you know in real life? I’m curious to find out if any lasting relationships have been formed from a friend sharing such a discovery, or if it usually winds up the way my interaction did today.

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