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Let It Go: A Spoiler Free Review of “Frozen”

When it comes to Disney movies, I tend to be a little biased towards liking them no matter what (which I attribute partly to the fact that I spent two semesters in college interning for the company and loved mostly every minute of the experience), but that didn’t stop me from watching Frozen with a fairly open mind.

For the last several weeks I’ve been waiting for Frozen to be released on DVD/Blu-ray so I could finally see for myself why nearly everyone I know (with kids at least) have been giving this movie such great reviews. This weekend– today actually– I was able to sit down and enjoy one of the best “kids” movies I’ve seen in ages.

Naturally since this is a Disney movie, the musical numbers are a teensy tiny bit over the top in some scenes, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie any less.

At first, the story itself appears to be your standard fairy tale, but then it becomes something so much more. I won’t spoil it by sharing what happens (for the few people out there who haven’t watched this yet), but there were definitely a couple of times where I exclaimed, “Wait, what?” at the action on-screen. Okay, so small spoiler alert, you may want to keep some tissues ready because there are definitely a couple of heart wrenching moments where you may find yourself crying (not as bad as the opening of Up!,  but still cry-worthy).

Even if you aren’t a fan of musical numbers in movies, I urge you to just “Let It Go!” and spend the two hours to watch it for yourself–and honestly, I’ll probably watch it at least once more before returning the copy I rented (or possibly even just buy it).

For those others out there who have already watched it, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. melanie says:

    The movie was definitely enjoyed by us, however, M still won’t stop singing Let it Go…. and today she was quoting scenes from the movie… which she has only seen once.

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