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Turning 30

For the last several weeks I’ve been very anxious about this “milestone” birthday, and was committed to celebrating the end of my 20s in a big way. Over the weekend I had a bunch of friends get together to eat dinner at a nice restaurant and then hang out at a really fun rooftop bar with even more people (it was actually a joint birthday celebration with my friend Carrie, who happens to have a birthday a couple of days before mine). 10345846_10100720747892618_4472195937165805656_n

While planing out the evening in my head, the night was going to be one of the best ever and one I’d remember for years to come.

It was a really fun night out, but unfortunately I don’t really remember much of what happened after dinner, and most of the conversations I had with friends were really nothing more than small talk that was probably quickly forgotten by all parties involved. At dinner I learned the error of having too many people at one table, as I was unable to really take part in any of the conversations happening around me because I was too focused on whether or not everyone else was having a good time. To a certain extent I even felt excluded at my own party with all of the conversations happening around me that I could never find a good jumping in point to participate.

In hindsight, I would probably do the entire party over again almost exactly the same, with the exceptions of remembering to take more than one picture and making myself not worry if everyone else was having fun. On some level I tried to make myself fit the role of extrovert for the night, which turned out to be way more exhausting than I ever imagined– I spent most of Sunday trying to recharge after the long, exhausting night.

I really enjoyed getting dressed up and letting my good friend Lauren (who happens to be a professional hair stylist) do my hair and assist in makeup application, and I was glad that we were able to spend time together away from the group (and before any drinks) catching up since she lives so far away.

Birthdays have always been a little tricky for me, as I’m sure they are for most people born in the summer months. During grade school, scheduling a party with classmates was almost impossible as everyone seemed to vanish for 3 months (in the time before social media or text messaging existed), and after a certain age, my birthday parties always seemed to be a joint event of birthday and some family member’s (siblings, cousins, etc) graduation party.

I’m grateful that so many friends came out to help me celebrate, and am looking forward to dinner with my family on my actual birthday (today).

While my expectations of where I’d be in life at this “milestone” age don’t exactly match up to the reality of the path I’ve taken thus far, I’m excited to see what the next decade brings and how I’ll grow as a person.

One resolution I’m making for the future is making time for more one-on-one time with close friends, as those experiences tend to be more memorable and highly cherished.



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