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Yes, Please: Pimp My Game!

At this point, I don’t think it’s news to anyone that I love playing board games, and a recent acquisition to my collection has sparked tonight’s post.

A couple of weekends ago I was at a local game convention (Geekway to the West), and on the last day I decided to purchase one of the games I’d played over the weekend from the retailer present at the event.

The game was Lords of Waterdeep, which is a fun worker placement that can accommodate up to 6 people with an expansion, but plays up to 5 right out of the box. I like the game play in this one, as you are trying to complete quest cards for points, and the choices you can make each turn are impacted by the decisions other players make. Even when I haven’t come close to winning, I’ve still had fun playing, as I really like the element of constantly having to think ahead and be on your toes to maximize each turn– the game is limited to a set number of rounds, which means that you have to be doing something to move forward every time it’s your turn and  this is another aspect I like about the game.

The only disappointment was the quality of some of the game components.

In the version my group played at Geekway, the generic colored cubes (which are supposed to represent types of people: Fighters, Clerics, Rogues, and Wizards) were replaced with some really great custom laser cut mini meeples in the corresponding colors of the original cubes.

When I purchased the copy from the on site game store, I mentioned wanting the fancy meeples instead of the boring cubes, and in order to make the sale, we made a deal that they would throw in some custom mini meeples for my game. I was more than satisfied with this offer and happily took home a shiny new copy of the game.

A few days after the convention ended I realized the component sold by the other store were not quite the same as the super fancy custom ones we’d played with and I went on a little online quest trying to track down the exact pieces I wanted for my game.

Hodor had to inspect the new fancy meeples.

Hodor had to inspect the new fancy meeples.

A really nice guy on BoardGameGeek sells these items, and I received a shiny new set as an early birthday present then instantly switched out the silly cubes with the awesome custom pieces.

Sure, the fancy wooden figures don’t change the game play, and it might be silly for some people to spend extra money on something that only adds to the aesthetics of a game, but I guess I’ve been spoiled with extremely high quality and customer bits in other games and needed the fancy ones to be really happy with my copy of LoWD.

I still haven’t actually played my copy yet, but I hope that will change in the near future.

Have you ever upgraded components in a game you own, or in another type of hobby once you discovered that other non-generic options existed?

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  1. Josh says:

    I LOVE Lords of Waterdeep!

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