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The 21 Day Fix Update 1: Making Progress and Food Filter Needed

With the first 4 days of my 21 day fix already over, I think this is a workout and meal plan I can actually keep doing until the end of the plan, and have already noticed some changes in both my exercise habits and food cravings. The workouts included with this plan definitely make you […]

Pants Not Allowed

A little over a year ago, my work changed the dress code policy to include jeans on a daily basis (if the jeans met certain requirements), and it was a wonderful change. After wearing boring black or khaki dress pants to work every day for years, this was great news, and I eagerly started searching […]

The 21 Day Fix: Part 1

The 21 Day Fix: Part 1

Recently I came to the realization that my current eating and exercise plans were not working properly, so I began doing a little research to find better options. (I’ve been blaming the long and cold winter on my lack of exercise over the last few months, but the time for making excuses is over, and […]

Spring Cleaning!

After a lengthy hiatus from blogging on a fairly regular basis, I’ve come to the decision that it’s time to make some changes.  A recent overhaul on my organizational methods at my apartment made me realize that the same thing is necessary for my incomplete draft folder of blog posts and ideas, and I’ve slowly […]

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