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Pants Not Allowed

A little over a year ago, my work changed the dress code policy to include jeans on a daily basis (if the jeans met certain requirements), and it was a wonderful change.

After wearing boring black or khaki dress pants to work every day for years, this was great news, and I eagerly started searching my closet for jeans that fit the bill so I could implement this dress code change into my daily attire immediately. As luck (or maybe as a result of my sometimes shopaholic tendencies) would have it, I did in fact have several pairs of jeans that were work appropriate and moved all of my old “work pants” to the back of the closet, swearing that I would never again wear anything but the more casual blue jeans to work.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful for this relaxed aspect of the dress code, but I’ve now reached the point where wearing jeans is no longer exciting. When I’m off work, I’d rather wear anything but blue jeans– this is a shame since previously I couldn’t wait to change into the more comfortable jeans whenever we’d have special jeans days at work, or on my days off. The other day, I actively chose to wear a pair of boring old khakis just to change things up.

With the weather heating up in St. Louis, I think I’ve found a solution to mix things up and hopefully make myself excited about the fun and relaxed dress code at work: Pants Not Allowed (outside of work or other specific situations).

No, becoming an exhibitionist is not in my future, but instead wearing more skirts and dresses is the plan. Even though I rarely have a chance to dress up for my regular social activities, I’ve decided that it’s perfectly fine to be a little overdressed especially when wearing dresses is more comfortable than pants.

When cold weather hits again I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune, but for now, I’m really excited about my decision to 86 pants from my free-time wardrobe. And sure, certain activities such as working out/cycling do require pants instead of a skirt, and for those activities exceptions can be made.

Have you ever encountered a similar situation, such as where the change of dress code being too relaxed made it no longer enjoyable to wear your formerly favorite clothes?

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