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The 21 Day Fix: Part 1

Recently I came to the realization that my current eating and exercise plans were not working properly, so I began doing a little research to find better options. (I’ve been blaming the long and cold winter on my lack of exercise over the last few months, but the time for making excuses is over, and I’m ready to embark on a new plan.)

Even though I have been actively trying to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into meals, my sweet tooth often wins out and instead of choosing a healthy piece of fruit, I head straight for the chocolate (often combining a couple of chocolate chips with a bowl of ice cream or indulging in one too many cookies/cupcakes). In an effort to limit my sweet intake to just one treat at my weekly game night, I tried not buying sweets during trips to the grocery store, but then would cave at the first offer from a co-worker to share their sweet snacks or would wind up grabbing a candy bar from the nearby gas station during my lunch breaks.

During my research into other diets or exercise plans I could try that might help me get rid of the extra winter weight and back on track, I kept reading more about one called “The 21 Day Fix.” What was most interesting to me about this particular plan is that it’s not a fad diet where you have to starve yourself, but rather it’s focused on eating whole, clean foods, and learning proper portions. The end goal of this whole project is not to just eat the right things for 21 days and then go back to having extra desserts immediately, but rather learn to make healthy choices going forward (but allowing some indulgences from time to time once the program is over).IMG_3653

After much consideration (or really maybe on an impulse after pondering this plan for approximately 3 minutes), I decided I was going to go for it and ordered the kit that includes the workout plan and meal planning guide that I will use for the duration of the 21 day cycle.

Once the official 21 day fix stuff arrived I started looking up recipes I could make and spent some quality time writing out my meals for the first 7 days, as well as a grocery list.

Breakfast (egg "muffins") and lunch (ground turkey and veggies) for the next 6 days.

Breakfast (egg “muffins”) and lunch (ground turkey and veggies) for the next 6 days.

So far, after a day of grocery shopping and  meal prep for the week, I have learned that eating healthier options takes a lot of work. Between slicing up vegetables, portioning out fruits for my snacks, and cooking as many things as possible that I will need later in the week, by the time I was finished I was ready to never see or touch another piece of produce again (I’m sure by tomorrow morning when it’s breakfast time I’ll have a sudden change of heart on that issue).

The next 3 weeks are going to hopefully teach me some better eating habits, and I’m really excited to get started. As I continue on this new journey into making better choices and being more active (each day there is a scheduled workout on a DVD that I will be completing), I will periodically update with my progress and if I develop any new creative clean eating recipes during this journey I will try to remember to share them, too.

Have you tried either the 21 day fix or a clean eating focused diet? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions if you have any. 🙂

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