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The 21 Day Fix Update 1: Making Progress and Food Filter Needed

With the first 4 days of my 21 day fix already over, I think this is a workout and meal plan I can actually keep doing until the end of the plan, and have already noticed some changes in both my exercise habits and food cravings.

The workouts included with this plan definitely make you work, and after the first day of a whole body cardio workout, I could feel muscles being sore that I didn’t even know I had– the soreness has finally started to subside after 4 days, so the workouts are either starting to work or my body is just getting used to the pain and I no longer feel it. I’ve learned that while my leg muscles were sore to the point that I dreaded sitting down or standing up for a day (because they hurt that badly), that taking Jasper for an extended walk actually made my sore legs feel better and it was a win-win for both of us! Also, a nightly routine of yoga/Pilates right before bed helps stretch everything out and results in a better nights’ sleep. 🙂

One of my biggest fears with starting this plan was that I wouldn’t be able to turn down sweets when offered, and would cave after the first day and bake a cake or batch of cookies since I still have ingredients for those things in my apartment.

Even though the offers have been made, I have so far resisted. In fact, I have noticed that when I see my co-workers chowing down on donuts and candy that the temptation to have a piece of my own hasn’t won over.  I think this is mostly due to the fact that the meal plan has me eating so many small, healthy meals/snacks throughout the day that just the idea of eating one more thing makes me feel sick.

With my meals and snacks mostly prepped for the entire week already, it’s super easy to grab a couple of portioned out containers from my fridge and throw them into my bag to take with me to work. It was a lot of work to write out everything I plan to eat for a week, and even though I’ve made some slight adjustments to my original menu for the week I’ve managed to make sure I’m (mostly) eating the correct portions of food from the different food groups.

One of the hardest parts of sticking to the meal plan I’ve written out is browsing social media, specifically Facebook. My love of baking and trying out new recipes means over time I have “liked” the pages of several food bloggers, all of whom share multiple pictures daily of what can only be described as food porn, accompanied by recipes that show up in my newsfeed.

I could unfollow those pages for the duration of my plan, however, it would be much easier if there was an option to selectively turn on a filter so certain types of posts or pictures don’t show up in the newsfeed. While I am focused on sticking to the plan, removing the pictures of delicious looking food from my newsfeed would probably ensure that I don’t cave to the temptation of whipping up an unhealthy dessert.

This filter could apply to more than just food and block things like disgusting pictures of people’s pet snakes and spiders, grotesque medical related images, and even pictures of other people’s babies (if you happen to have friends who over-share pictures of their kids on a regular basis to social media. I think a baby filter might already exist, but since seeing baby pictures doesn’t bother me, it’s not something I’ve looked into yet.)

If something like the food filter I’ve wished for already exists, please send me more information about it! Have you ever wanted to filter something (even temporarily) from your social media feeds to help resist temptations?




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