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Just One More Song…And Then Another… And Then Another

A little over a week ago, I attended a concert with a friend and the show was great– with one minor exception. I’m sure anyone who has every attended a concert has experienced the same thing: the planned encore.

After the main act “finished,” the lights went off and they all ran backstage…however, the entire audience knew that was just a clever ploy to get us to cheer for them to come back and sing some encore songs (especially since they hadn’t yet even performed their most popular song or their newest release). The fact that the band was coming back soon was made even more obvious by the fact that we could see the techs/crew dressed all in black on stage bringing out different instruments (it was a one night show, so no need to start prepping for another show or act to come out).

Unsurprisingly, the band came back out mere seconds later and asked if we wanted one more song. Of course we did (and they weren’t fooling anyone with their “surprise encore”).

The first encore song was performed, followed by a quick jump to another song that had the crowd on their feet singing and dancing along. It was great, and while the encore was completely expected, I’m glad they did it.

After the 2 encore songs, I thought they would be done, but nope, I was wrong, and this time they asked if we wanted just one more song (yes, please!), and finally they played the song that nearly everyone in the audience knew (and they gave us chances to sing along to the chorus– something I always enjoy happening at concerts).

What I don’t understand about bands performing is why the need to hide the fact that an encore is coming? Every concert I’ve ever attended has had this happen, and while I love hearing those few extra favorite songs, it just seems a little silly to add the suspense of an encore that everyone knows is coming.

Why can’t they just admit that after an hour of singing and playing music that they need a quick breather before wrapping up for the night? Maybe if bands started doing that the fans would leave disappointed at the lack of an encore now that we’ve all been taught to expect it?

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