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Hello! I’m Katy, and am still fairly new to the world of blogging. In the last few months, I’ve started to make some major changes in my life, and feel like now is the time to start rediscovering myself. I will probably post some very random things, especially at first, but in time this blog will hopefully start to make sense and have order. I do have a plan for some future postings, but mostly plan to use this site to log my thoughts and experiences.

I consider myself a native of St. Louis, even though I grew up about 15 minutes away on the other side of the river (Illinois). Having spent the majority of my life in the St. Louis area, I think I know a great deal about the city(and surrounding area), so I will apologize in advance for any references made to things only St. Louisians would know.

Here are some additional “fun facts” about me:

One of my favorite hobbies is spending an entire day off in my pajamas and with a ridiculously cheesy book.

Also, I have this strange need to make sure that my pajamas match, even when no one else is around. Lately my favorites are some pink plaid flannel pants, or purple boxers and a black shirt. I may be a little OCD. 🙂

I have a strange fascination lately with British TV, thanks to the BBC revival of Doctor Who. And, if I had some ball or event where a famous person would be acceptable as a date, I’d probably try to ask David Tennant to be my celebrity date… but only if he could stay in character as The Doctor.

I am really close to my family, and love to spend time hanging out on my days off with my mom, my sisters, cousins, and Grandma.

I’m terrible at small talk, but once I can find some common interest, I can keep up pretty well with the conversation. I think I have lots of interesting insight on a variety of topics, and try to learn something new everyday.

For awhile at work, I was told I needed to end my “stories” with “and then I found $20!” as the subjects of what I thought were interesting or funny were not interesting or funny to my co-workers. Lesson learned: Don’t tell stories around those people unless it’s really good.

If you have more questions for me, my e-mail is cupcakek84@gmail.com.



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