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Blog Worthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Blog Worthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

A few weeks ago, I was sent an article detailing different methods to make the best chocolate chip cookies, and was informally challenged to try making some of the recipes listed to see how the scientifically proven best chocolate chip cookies stacked up against other recipes. Before I had a chance to bake any cookies […]

Cat Grooming 101

Cat Grooming 101

Several weeks ago I decided to adopt a couple of kittens, and while they are perfect angels most of the time, sometimes they accidentally inflict damage because of their tiny kitten claws. At first I didn’t mind the kittens (Gwen and Hodor are the names I decided on for them) pawing at me with their […]

DIY for the Win: Homemade Broiler Pan

I should have taken a picture of this with the steak on it, but it smelled too good once it was cooked to not eat it right away. Also, I put a sheet of aluminum foil down to save on cleanup.

Earlier today I decided that an excellent dinner would be a steak, as my plans for tomorrow include stopping by the Red Cross and donating blood. Since I sometimes tend to have low iron, I spent most of the day (when I had a second to breathe at work– it was a rare super-ridiculously busy […]

Kitchen Experiment: Root Beer “Float” Cupcakes

Kitchen Experiment: Root Beer “Float” Cupcakes

One of my all-time favorite desserts/special treat is the classic root beer float. I don’t know if it’s because of the creamy texture of the ice cream mixed with the slight bite of the root beer soda, but very rarely will I turn down the offer for a float. Whenever I plan to stay in […]

The Poorly Executed DIY Project

The Poorly Executed DIY Project

Recently I learned a valuable lesson concerning do-it-yourself projects: Some tasks are better left to the professionals. While I wish the project that went horribly awry was something silly like a craft or baking endeavor, this failure happened to be my attempting to do a little at-home dog grooming. Over the last four and a […]

Kitchen Concoctions: Pumpkin Brownies

A few weeks ago, a recipe for pumpkin brownies on Pinterest caught my eye, and I decided at some point I would have to try out this little recipe. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a sweet tooth— and a weakness for anything with chocolate in the recipe, so naturally I was intrigued […]

Easy-peasy DIY Project: Nightstand Makeover

Bye-bye flowers!

Over the weekend, I finally tackled a super easy project that I had been considering for quite some time, and revamped my bedside table. This particular piece of furniture has been my trusty alarm clock holder for several years, and while it has served it’s purpose fabulously (not breaking when I attempt to Hulk-smash the […]

Nailed it: Peppermint Patty Brownies

From time to time, I like to try out some of the recipes or projects I’ve found on Pinterest. Not all have been successful so far (sock bun: fail, “guilt free ice cream”:close), but the latest project I’ve tried looked so easy it would have been hard to mess up. The idea is pretty simple: […]

DIY Demolition: Battle of the Bookshelves

For someone who loves books as much as I do, a project involving the destruction of potentially useful bookshelves may seem a little strange.  The bookshelves in question were some of the items abandoned by my sister’s former tenants, and while they could be functional, she has no use for them.  For the most part […]

The House of Never-Ending Projects

Over the last two weeks, I have been staying at my older sister’s house to help her do some repairs after her renters had moved out. The goal is to get the house back into move-in ready condition either for new renters, or for her family if they end up relocating back to St. Louis. […]

Forgotten Craft Projects

The other day, while working on my spring cleaning project, I stumbled upon some of my forgotten craft projects, and craft supplies. I always have good intentions when trying to be crafty, and I’ll go as far as gathering the supplies, getting the directions, and a lot of the time, even starting to work on […]

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