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Family Traditions: Easter Peeps Cookies

Family Traditions: Easter Peeps Cookies

Family traditions are very important to me, and it’s always cool to learn the history behind certain things my family does every year. Over the weekend, my mom visited me with the plan of eating dinner together and then spending quality time baking and decorating Easter cookies.  For some families, decorated sugar cookies might be […]

The Notebook

Last week while I was visiting my sister Melanie, she shared one of her old journals with my mom and me. My mom remarked that she remembered the journal being part of a homework assignment that spanned an entire school year when Melanie was in third grade, but never read any of the entries as […]

Welcome to the World: Maggie Mae

Welcome to the World: Maggie Mae

This morning (Thursday, July 11th), I woke up to a text message with news that I’m sure the majority of my family has been waiting to hear: My cousin Stephanie’s new baby (Margaret Mae) finally arrived at 5:36 am. Hearing this news instantly put a smile on my face, and I knew that I would […]

Life Lessons My Mom Taught Me

Last year on Mother’s Day, I wrote about the women in my life (not just my Mom) who were instrumental in raising and mothering me. This year, I planned on expanding that list with some of the other key women in my life, but changed my mind and decided to share some of the life […]

A Trip to the Mouse Races

In order to bet, you had to exchange your cash for this currency.

Last weekend I experienced something new that I’m guessing not a lot of people have had the chance to do, or even know about for that matter: Mouse Racing. This event is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, as mice are set to race against each other, similar to what you would expect at […]

Easter Memories

Easter Memories

Since childhood, Easter has been a day filled with memories and lots of family time. We’d always get up early for the early service at church,  head to my Grandma Rose’s house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt, and then later in the afternoon head to my Grandma Violet and Papa’s house for second […]

Big Sister Always Knows Best

Big Sister Always Knows Best

If’ you’ve been following along for the last year, you’ll recall I’ve written before about my older sister, and the role she plays in my life, so hopefully I’m not repeating myself too much in today’s entry, but some life lessons she’s taught me seem worth repeating. My older sister has never steered me wrong […]

Lucky Number 13

Lucky Number 13

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, but a slow internet connection at my parents’ house combined with all of the holiday celebrations made it a little difficult to find time or energy to write. This year at our annual Christmas Eve celebration at my Grandma Rose’s house, the newest bowling ball […]

The Bowling Ball

Year One: Mom receives bowling ball 2.0, along with a note that instructs her to restart our tradition.

Over the summer I wrote an entry about one of my family’s strange traditions: the giving of the bowling ball at Christmas. Wanting to document the history of the ball (and any other strange traditions unique to my family), I declared on Christmas Eve 2011 that I was going to start a blog and feature […]

Deck the Halls

My family tends to go borderline Griswold when it comes to Christmas decorations, and while I’d love to shift the blame elsewhere, I’m an instigator and collaborator on their holiday decorating. It all started out innocently enough, many years ago when I decided to hang some lights on the front porch at our old house, […]

Lost and Found

Late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning depending on how you look at it) I discovered one of my most prized possessions had gone missing: a pendant that is a family heirloom. I’ve worn this necklace countless times since receiving it when I graduated from college, and never had any problems with it in the […]

Time Flies

Today is my baby sister Emily’s 18th birthday…which means I probably should stop calling her a baby since she’s officially an adult now. I’m not sure what happened to the last 18 years, as I can vividly remember sitting in the doctor’s office watching the little black and white screen with my mom and older […]

Pie, Oh My!

One of my favorite parts about holidays is being able to get together with my family and spend some quality time with them. The big holidays (Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving) are celebrated at my Grandma Rose’s house, with quite a few people and always a ton of food. The food at family gatherings is one […]

Yes, Please: Being the Little Spoon

One of my favorite things in the world is cuddling. I’ve enjoyed being cuddled ever since I was a little kid, and it’s one of my favorite parts of relationships I’ve had as an adult. I sometimes feel awkward when trying to initiate a hug, or cuddle up, so an unexpected or unplanned snuggle, and […]

Teaching Your Parents

Today, I made the nearly hour long journey from my apartment in St. Louis to rural Illinois to visit my parents. My weekly visit is starting to become a tradition that is beneficial for me, and enjoyable for them– while I’m there, we are able to catch up with what has happened during the last […]

My Favorite Summer

This summer has been very different from my normal summer routine, and there have been a lot of major changes and growth in my life during this time. The most noticeable impact or force for these changes was spending so much time with my oldest sister, Melanie. Normally, Melanie lives about 800 miles away with […]

The Farmer in My Family

Every summer my step-dad, Tom, spends his free time planting a giant fruit and vegetable garden. Over the years, it has grown from just a couple of rows with tomatoes, green beans, blackberries, and peppers to the jungle of just about any vegetable imaginable that it is now. When he first started planting the garden, […]

Isabella Turns 1!

One of the activities I managed to sneak in over the weekend– in between moving into my new apartment– was attending the birthday party for my friend’s one-year old, Isabella. It’s strange to see just how much she has grown in her first year of life, as I remember visiting the hospital when she was […]

The Family Vacation and Why it’s OK to have Matching Shirts

Every year my parents (Mom and Step-dad) plan a huge family vacation, where myself and each of my siblings, as well as all five of my step-siblings (and their families) are invited to spend part of the week together. Today happens to be the day where everyone packed up and hit the road for this […]

Buddy Camp

For the rest of this week I’ll be attending an event that might sound a little strange to some: Buddy Camp. Buddy Camp is just a session of church camp designed for kids from about kindergarten to second grade (I think) to experience the overnight aspect of camp, but with a parent or other adult […]

Eat Your Vegetables!

Every summer I always look forward to one special treat my sister makes. She’s quite a sneaky chef at times, since she manages to squeeze 3 cups of zucchini into a tasty chocolate cake. With the amount of sugar and chocolate actually in this cake, any health benefits from the vegetables are probably negated, but […]

Family Traditions

With it being so hot, I thought I’d have a little Christmas in July and share one of my family’s holiday traditions. I think most families probably have little traditions that are unique to them. My family is no exception. We happen to have a bowling ball that gets passed around each year at Christmas. […]

My Dad

On Mother’s Day, I wrote about the women who have been most influential in my life. Since today was Father’s Day, my plan was to do the same, and share a little bit about how my dad and step-dad have helped me become who I am today. Instead of sharing anything about my step-dad on this […]

A Trip to the Park

One of my favorite places in St. Louis is the beautiful Forest Park. With attractions such as the Zoo, Art Museum, walking/bike trails, and pretty much every type of sports field, this park probably has something for everyone. Over this past weekend, I was able to visit a part of the park I had never […]

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