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My Greatest Fear #6: Finding out Something I Like and Use is Being Discontinued or Retired

Last week when I was shopping for some of the necessities (shampoo, dog treats, and moisturizer), I experienced a moment of sheer panic when I discovered the store I was shopping at no longer carried the specific variety of moisturizer I’ve grown to love. After a fairly thorough search with the assistance of a friendly […]

My Greatest Fear #5: Driving without GPS

Once upon a time,  I was very confident in both my driving and navigating skills, but over the last few years I’ve discovered just how much I rely on GPS to get just about anywhere. The daily commute to work, the weekly trips to the grocery store/Target, and my bi-monthly trip to visit my parents […]

My Greatest Fear #4: Having a Strange Dream Come True

The other night I had one of the strangest dreams I’ve ever remembered, and the idea that it could happen was quite scary to me in the morning. In this dream, the maintenance guys at my apartment were delivering and installing my new stove (something that is supposed to happen this week for real), and […]

My Greatest Fear #3: Spiders

Earlier tonight, I was just minding my own business and browsing the web for some research on a project I’m thinking about starting, when my focus was completely interrupted by a monster who has decided to take up residence in my apartment. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and after the […]

My Greatest Fear #3: Getting Hit by a Prius

Getting hit by any kind of car has always been one of my biggest fears, but the idea of getting hit by this specific model is even more terrifying. A few months ago, at my old work location, this fear really brought itself to the surface when one of my managers who owns a Prius […]

Quest for the Best: Roommate Search

A few months ago, I set a goal of finding a new place to live by May or June. The original plan was to find an apartment somewhere in St. Louis that I could comfortably and safely live in by myself. After my first initial search, my apartment hunt sort of got pushed to the […]

Heels Vs. Stairs: One Of My Biggest Fears

Today, I faced one of my biggest fears head on when getting ready to leave the house for church. One of my biggest fears is falling, especially when it could involve a great distance, and possibly a lot of pain. I’ve never been the most graceful of people, and often will play a little game […]

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