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A Good Read

My vacation is finally coming to an end and I’m back at work tomorrow, and while my orignal goals for this vacation may have changed quite a bit, I do not regret the course it went. I was able to still do quite a bit, with taking a short trip to the beach, spending time […]

Tips For A Better Bike Ride

While on my vacation this week, I’ve been able to spend some time taking my bike out on a couple of trails and I have compiled a little list of ways to have a better experience on a bike ride. I don’t always get to take my bike out as much as I would like, especially […]

Yes Please: Revamped Fairy Tales

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for fairy tales, and even as an adult I still love the classic stories, especially when being retold in new and interesting ways through movies and tv shows. Over the past year or so I have been trying to limit the amount of tv that I […]

Forgotten Craft Projects

The other day, while working on my spring cleaning project, I stumbled upon some of my forgotten craft projects, and craft supplies. I always have good intentions when trying to be crafty, and I’ll go as far as gathering the supplies, getting the directions, and a lot of the time, even starting to work on […]

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