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An Evening Without Facebook: A True Tale of Survival

Missing from my main screen was the familiar "F," which normally lives next door to the App Store icon.

Whenever new software updates come out for phones– specifically the iPhone– I always try to download and install them as quickly as possible. Partly because it helps me at work to know what issues may arise from the changes, but mostly because I just want to have the latest technology right at my fingertips. After […]

How I Lived Through the Worst Day Ever: A True Tale of Survival

How I Lived Through the Worst Day Ever: A True Tale of Survival

Ever have one of those days where every single thing you touch or do goes badly… and the extent of epic failure almost becomes comical? Yeah, me neither until one day earlier this week. The events I lived through on this particular day made me start to wonder if I had somehow been transported into […]

My Newest Favorite Game Show

Several years ago, Saturday Night Live used to have a game show portion of the evening (Celebrity Jeopardy), and it was always one of my favorite parts. The running jokes between Alex Trebek (played by the always great Will Ferrell) and Sean Connery (usually played by Darrell Hammond) were always my favorite part. Other celebrity impersonations […]

The Day a Co-Worker Tried to Poison Me: A True Tale of Survival

The morning started out pretty much the same as any other day– I could hear birds chirping in the trees over the occasional whine of the Metrolink passing by, and the sky was actually a brighter shade of blue for this time of year. Feeling encouraged that the day would be problem free, I readied […]

True Confession #3: Commitment Issues

Once I’ve set my mind to something, I am usually able to commit to whatever it may be until it’s finished. Recently, I’ve experienced a roadblock in my efforts to commit to something pretty minor: wall art or furniture for the empty walls in my apartment. My older sister helped me out a bunch in […]

True Confessions #2: I’m Secretly (or not so secretly) an Old Lady at Heart

A running joke that seems to follow me not only at work, but also among various friends and family is that I’m secretly a 90-year-old woman trapped in the body of a 28-year-old. The jesting is always done in good fun, so I never get upset when referred to as “granny,” “g-ma,” or any other […]

Yes, Please: Girl Scout Cookies

It’s always a sad day when you get to the last of the cookies you have painstakingly rationed to last as long as possible. One day last week, I finally broke down and opened the last sleeve of my cookie ration from earlier this spring. Knowing that I won’t be able to acquire more Girl Scout cookies […]

How I Escaped Near Death in the Elevator of Doom: A True Tale of Survival

Earlier today, I experienced my closest near-death experience to date. I’ve had a lot of close calls over the years (the beaver dam, the flat tire, and the coffee incident to name a few), but today was truly terrifying. My morning started out pretty much the same as any other day: woke up, took Jasper […]

True Confessions #1: I Might be a Little Bit of a Hypochondriac

This may come as a total surprise to some, but in certain situations, I’m can be just a teensy tiny bit of a hypochondriac. Any time I start to even feel the inkling of a cold coming on, I’ll bust out the cough drops, cold & flu medicine, and start drinking hot tea (usually an […]

Saturday Morning Scavenger Hunt

I’ve never been much of a partier, but on occasion, like for a friend’s bachelorette party, I will indulge a little and spend a night out on the town. Last night was one such occasion, as my friend Jessica is getting married in less than a week, so I stepped outside my comfort zone and […]

My Greatest Fear #3: Getting Hit by a Prius

Getting hit by any kind of car has always been one of my biggest fears, but the idea of getting hit by this specific model is even more terrifying. A few months ago, at my old work location, this fear really brought itself to the surface when one of my managers who owns a Prius […]

The Day the Coffee Ran Out: A True Tale of Survival

I’m a creature of habit, and live for the small rituals of every day: Wake up, start the coffee, take Jasper for his first of many daily walks, drink the first cup of coffee, then get ready for work/the day or go back to bed, depending on what I have planned. A few days ago, […]

The Public Shaming

Earlier today, my sister Melanie sent me a link to this meme, while posing the question of what we’d say about Jasper. The memes listed out on that site are pretty funny, and a different take on the idea of publicly shaming a child on Facebook after a bad behavior. If you haven’t seen any […]

Yes, Please: Cuprella

This summer I haven’t had many opportunities to bust out the various umbrellas I have accumulated over the years, as St. Louis has been under a dreadful heat wave the last few weeks. Luckily, the heat wave has stalled out (for now) and there has even been the promise of rain for this scorched city. […]

The First Time

Warning: The following tale is not for the weak, and Mom- please don’t read this… You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution.  It was a hot and sticky July night in the city. A haze surrounded the streetlights and the pavement steamed from the heat of the day wafting into the night air as we made […]

The Flat Tire Story: A True Tale of Survival

Since my last post was a little bit of a downer, here’s a short and funny tale to make up for the sad one. This past Friday started out just about the same as any other workday: I got up, got ready for work, fought with the coffee grinder trying to make my morning cup, […]

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