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That Awkward Moment

If, like me, you are single and happen to have a fairly large circle of friends that are the opposite sex, you may have found yourself in a situation similar to the one I experienced recently. While bored during some break time at work, I decided to check in on an online dating app that […]

Thoughts on Dating and Relationships

Earlier today I stumbled onto a blog post that made me stop and actually evaluate my most recent approaches to dating, as well as look back on past relationships. The main point that blogger makes regarding dating is that single people should look for the purpose or long-term value of a romantic relationship rather than […]

With This Ring…

With This Ring…

A few months ago an article about a company that makes prototype engagement rings was brought to my attention, which made me think about my own preferences concerning engagement rings and proposals. The company mentioned in the article makes a mock-up ring, using a 3D printer and lower grade materials (silver instead of platinum of […]

Serial Dater or Serial Killer?

Tonight’s post is the latest of the Mars vs. Venus entries, where I’ll provide the female perspective on the topic and my friend and fellow blogger Jamey will provide his male perspective over on his blog. In the past, we’ve covered flirtation, workplace romances, and long-distance relationships, and if you haven’t read any of those […]

Be My Valentine

With the greeting card holiday quickly approaching, my inbox seems to have been flooded with offers for discounts on everything from flowers to candy to “dinner for two,” specials, which all have promptly been deleted since I’m a single person, and I have no use for any of the offers to purchase a romantic gift. […]

New Bucket List Goal: Have a Kiss that Rocks my World

Earlier this week a moment I’ve been waiting almost 2 years for finally happened: The Kiss. Unfortunately, this kiss didn’t actually happen to me in real life, but on one of my favorite tv shows, and sorry to spoil this for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, but my oh my, New Girl  […]

Would you go on a Crazy Blind Date?

Would you go on a Crazy Blind Date?

A few months ago I decided to revisit the idea of online dating, despite the fact that each previous foray I’ve taken into this method of dating has never really worked out for me. I’m confident that it can work for some (my best friend met her husband online several years ago), but at the […]

Should You Wait Until the Wedding?

Since I’m not currently involved in a relationship, it might seem odd that I’d write about waiting until marriage when that isn’t something on my current horizon. In the past I’ve heard some criticism for writing about something that I hadn’t yet experienced but still had opinions on, so hopefully that won’t be the case […]

The Butterflies

They sneak up on you when you’re least expecting them– that little tickle in your stomach you feel whenever you’re around that certain someone, or even sometimes just when you hear their name in casual conversation. Your heart skips a beat, or starts to beat even faster, and you wonder if they are feeling the […]

Mars vs. Venus: Can Workplace Romance Work?

It’s been a while since the last Mars vs. Venus entry was posted, and if you haven’t read them, you can check out the previous ones here and here. If you are unfamiliar with this type of entry, I will share my female perspective on this topic, and at the end will have a link […]

The Gaggle

A few months ago, I stumbled across a book and media project about relationships in the modern world, called The Gaggle.  At the time, I thought the idea presented by the women who designed the project was pretty clever, so I bookmarked it and told myself to go back at a later time and find out […]

Pet Peeve #11: People Who Send Rude or Threatening Emails in an Effort to Score a Date or Start a Conversation

Over the last several weeks, I’ve taken a giant step back from the whole online scene, and in particular online dating. I noticed I was spending too much time concentrating on unimportant things and not enough being focused on making myself better. I still probably spend too much time browsing the web, but at least […]

If I Could Turn Back Time

A few months ago, I did something that I almost immediately regretted. I’m not sure if I actually regret the decision that was made, or if I regret the method of delivery and subsequent lack of closure for this particular situation. What I did wasn’t the most awful of actions, but I’m pretty sure it […]

Dating Dilemmas

Over the course of my personal dating history, I’ve been presented with a variety of situations, some of which were really good and some not-so-much. A good mix of both types have occurred both in the past and as recently as a few weeks ago. Having tried the online method I’ve learned some useful things, but […]

Mars vs. Venus: Can Long-Distance Relationships Work?

A few months ago, my friend and fellow blogger Jamey helped me out with the male perspective on “The Art of Flirtation,”  in my first attempt at a Mars vs. Venus entry. If you haven’t read either of these entries, I highly recommend checking them out. Tonight’s post is another such entry, where I will […]

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Over the last week or so I’ve been debating with myself over the idea of rejoining one of the online dating sites. In general I’m not a fan of online dating, and have never really had any “luck” with that route before, but I sometimes feel like maybe I didn’t give it a fair chance […]

When it Feels Like You’ve Been Left Behind

Over the last couple of years, the friendship I’ve had with my closest friend has changed quite a bit. At times, I feel like I’ve been left behind or replaced in our friendship, and honestly don’t know if she still considers me as her best friend anymore. Even though we don’t talk everyday (or even […]

World’s Worst Pickup Line

Over the years, I’ve heard a myriad of pickup lines- some aimed at me, and others I have overheard being used on friends. I think the general rule for pickup lines is there should be an element of cheesiness, but still be able to convey your interest and hopefully make the recipient respond in a positive manner. […]

Can Being Happily Single Be Taken Too Far?

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a talk show that caught my attention because of the topic, which focused on a woman who had actually married herself.  I rarely am able to watch daytime television, but since I had the day off I was able to indulge a little bit. I’ve heard of this concept of […]

The Art of Flirtation: An Awkward Female’s Perspective

Today’s entry is about flirtation from a female perspective. Fellow blogger Jamey is posting a similar entry over on his blog, but from the male point of view. For some people, the art of flirtation is as easy as breathing, but for others, myself included, it can be a bit of a struggle, as there’s a […]

Why I’m Not A Fan Of Online Dating

Sometimes, I feel like all I talk about is dating and relationships, especially depending on who I am around on any particular day. When I first set out to write my own blog, that wasn’t my intention at all, but rather to have a place to just express whatever was on my mind, and help […]

Games We Play

In life, there are lots of different games played, and often multiple going on at once. When at work, I often notice that I do certain things or act a specific way around different people, and this activity is really just part of the game I play there. Around my bosses, I always try to make […]

What To Do With The “Couple Pictures” After Breaking Up

This weekend, while hanging out with a friend who has recently moved and had a relationship end, we started talking about the pictures taken while in the relationship, and what should be done with them. Depending on how long the relationship lasted, there could be anywhere from just a few to hundreds of photos with […]

Staying Friends After Breaking Up

I know there are a lot of differing opinions on the issue of staying friends with someone after a relationship is over. In the past, I pretty much have had absolutely no contact with someone after ending things, which has worked out well for me so far. From time to time, I have wondered what […]

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