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Love…How Do You Know?

The word love seems to be thrown around constantly, in TV shows, movies, and just speaking to people in everyday conversation. I like to think I’ve been in love, but how do you really know? I know there are different types of love, like the love I have for my family and close friends, but […]

An Overly Emotional Weekend

This past weekend was emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting as I attended my older brother’s wedding and wedding festivities. It was a time of celebration, and I can’t remember being so happy or proud for him. Before the big day, I told myself that I was not going to join the ‘Criers Club,’ but that […]

My Newest Guilty Pleasure

I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but this week, I am guilty of watching reality tv in the form of an entire episode of The Bachelor…¬†and I may have liked it a little. Normally, I am opposed to all of the reality tv and all of the hoopla that follows these types of shows, […]

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