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Let It Go: A Spoiler Free Review of “Frozen”

When it comes to Disney movies, I tend to be a little biased towards liking them no matter what (which I attribute partly to the fact that I spent two semesters in college interning for the company and loved mostly every minute of the experience), but that didn’t stop me from watching Frozen with a […]

What Makes a Movie Theater Great?

Earlier this evening I met up with a friend to go see Elysium, and while I enjoyed the movie, the theater was definitely not my favorite. Since moving to the city, I’ve been spoiled by the fact that I’m pretty close to three of my favorite theaters (The Moolah, Hi-Pointe, and Chase), and rarely will visit […]

Shameless Movie Obsession Confession: Pitch Perfect

A few months ago, I watched a little movie that was released last year (2012) that you may have heard of: Pitch Perfect. Since that afternoon viewing, I can’t seem to get the songs from the movie out of my head. I went into watching this movie with reservations, because I assumed it was going to […]

Would You… Dress Up to Watch a Movie?

With summer quickly approaching, my list of movies that I want to see seems to grow on a daily basis. Right now the list has about 14 movies coming out this year that I would like to see on the big screen, although I’m sure not all of them will make the final cut. Several […]

Yes, Please: Discovering Good Screen Adaptations of Books

I wasn’t sure how exactly to phrase the title of this specific subject, so hopefully the final one I went with makes some sense. 🙂 A quick perusal of upcoming movie releases for 2013 has me both a little excited and nervous, because usually when books become movies or tv shows, something essential to the […]

The Two Best Christmas Movies Ever

Over the last few days I’ve been informally surveying various friends, family members, and co-workers about their favorite holiday films. Some people–namely my parents–I didn’t even bother asking, because I know A Christmas Story is my step-dad’s favorite (he knows it by heart and quotes his favorite parts while watching) and my mom’s favorite is It’s a Wonderful […]

True Confession #4: I’ve Never Seen the Original Star Wars Movies

While I’m in the mood to share some of my embarrassing confessions (my fascination with dressing up my dog, my hypochondria, and my old-person tendencies), sharing what is one of the most embarrassing only seems fitting today. I’ve never watched (that I can remember) any of the original Star Wars films. I should be ashamed of […]

Cinematic Choices

Over the years, I’ve noticed a change in not only my taste in genre of movies, but also a preference for theaters and time of day to visit. Just a few years ago, I would have said the only “good” time to see a movie is on a weekend night– the same time the rest […]

Movie Confessions

Today’s entry is inspired by a conversation I had with several co-workers the other day during some down time at work. Lately, I’ve been trying to catch up on movies I’ve missed, and have visited movie theaters more often than usual because so many good films have come out (and are still coming) this year. […]

Spoiler-free Review: Prometheus

Over the weekend I went to see Prometheus. After watching the trailer, I knew it was something I wanted to see because it looked really exciting, but hadn’t decided if I would see it in the theater, or wait until I could watch it at home. With so many other movies coming out this year […]

My Birthday Weekend & Snow White and the Huntsman

So, today was my birthday. It wasn’t a milestone one or anything, but I still felt the need to take the entire weekend (Friday-Sunday) off work for it. I try to pretend that having people acknowledge or celebrate my birthday isn’t that big of a deal, because in previous years the day has gone by […]

The Avengers Opening Night

Attending the movies on opening night for The Avengers was not in my original plans, but after a last-minute invite through Facebook, I couldn’t resist. After the last midnight showing I attended, I vowed that it was my last, as the missing sleep turned me into a virtual zombie the morning after The Hunger Games. […]

The Odds Are Definitely In My Favor

I have now officially survived The Hunger Games three times. Each time, I have managed to jump during the same scenes, although by now I should know what to expect. While the movie was good, I think more than three viewings would be excessive, so I am planning on politely declining any additional requests to see it. I […]

Sister Time

My little sister Emily and I have an unofficial tradition, where we go see new movies, when possible, on opening night at the midnight release. Thursday/Friday we will be able to add The Hunger Games to our list of movies watched during our sister-time. We’ve managed to see most of Twilight and Harry Potter series this way, and […]

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