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My First Coffee Tasting

Since I’m still in the process of trying to kick the coffee habit, it might seem strange that I’d attend a coffee tasting, but when I had the opportunity to tag along at the last minute with a friend tonight, I jumped at the chance. I’m always excited to try new things, and until today, […]


About 9 or 10 months ago I made the decision to give up coffee, and other than a small cup on special occasions like Christmas morning breakfast, I was doing quite well living without coffee, or other heavily caffeinated drinks in my life. Until about 3 weeks ago, when I purchased coffee and creamer to […]

Best Buds

Best Buds

Since getting the kittens a little over a week ago, I’ve noticed that my daily picture taking has skyrocketed. Jasper is always a good subject for cute photos, but when adding a kitten or two to the mix, the cuteness factor only increases. While both cats seem to get along with Jasper quite well, I’ve […]

Apartment Woes

Since moving into my apartment last summer I’ve mostly had good experiences, but there are definitely some negative parts, too. When I was looking for places to live, the one I ended up with seemed ideal at first glance, purely for the square footage and proximity to my work. The price of rent was pretty […]

Adventures in Movie (Trailer) Making

Today at work, my movie-making skills were put to the test, and I recorded a short educational video to assist some of the sales people in the company. Since the video is technically considered proprietary and I’d get in big trouble for sharing it, I decided to instead create a second video project this evening […]

The Kitten Invasion

The Kitten Invasion

I’ll go ahead and apologize right away for the back to back animal-centered posts. After much deliberation, I decided to take on both kittens that I wrote about before for a trial period. I know the next few days/weeks will be an adjustment for the kittens, myself, and Jasper, and after the last 36 hours […]

The Kitten Dilemma

The Kitten Dilemma

Since moving into my apartment last summer, I’ve tossed around the idea of getting another pet to keep Jasper company. After a successful trial run of watching my parents’ cats for a week while they were on vacation, the idea of getting a cat or kitten seemed like a very real possibility at some point. […]

Welcome Baby Amelia!

Since I haven't met Amelia yet, this is a picture of when I met her older sister Isabella. I'm hoping to recreate this picture when I visit.

This morning during one of my daily Facebook checks, I was alerted to a status update from my best friend Heather, which stated she was en route to the hospital to deliver their new baby. Remembering from last time (when Isabella was born) that this could very well be an all day process, I refrained […]


One of the first things I do almost everyday is make a list of things I’d like to accomplish or at least start that day. I don’t always write everything down anymore, but keep a mental checklist to keep me on pace for the day. The list making definitely helps, but sometimes making the decision […]

An Unexpected Friend

Making new friends has never really been my forte, and trying to establish new friendships or even just maintain existing ones as an adult is not an easy task. Because of my social anxiety, I rarely venture out into the unknown (bars, clubs, or pretty much anywhere that new friends can be found), and even […]

Easter Memories

Easter Memories

Since childhood, Easter has been a day filled with memories and lots of family time. We’d always get up early for the early service at church, ¬†head to my Grandma Rose’s house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt, and then later in the afternoon head to my Grandma Violet and Papa’s house for second […]

A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Everyday, one of the first things I do after checking my email and Facebook for new messages is to meander over to my trusty reader and see what new entries have been posted in the various blogs I’ve started following. Mixed in amongst the techie ones I’ve been aware of and have read daily for […]

The Back Pain Saga

Over the course of roughly the last 11 years I’ve lived with chronic back and shoulder pain. From time to time I would mention it to my doctor, and go for an x-ray, but the pain never really reached a level so bad that a little dose of over the counter medicine couldn’t handle. Until […]

One Year Anniversary

A glance at my calendar this morning reminded me that I’ve just passed the one year mark since beginning this blog. This little milestone is pretty exciting to me, despite the fact that I’ve been on hiatus from new posts for most of this week. I hadn’t planned on taking a break from writing while […]

The Problem with Packing

I love to travel, but strongly dislike packing for upcoming trips. In about a day, I’ll be heading out to visit a couple of friends in Las Vegas, and I’ve just about reached my limit on trying to figure out what to pack. The trip is mostly about being able to spend time with my […]

My Top 10 Indulgences

Something I’ve learned is that having a few things you indulge in every once in a while go a long way towards having a better outlook overall. The last couple of weeks I’ve been in a little bit of a funk ¬†(that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been writing as much), and realized that […]

Hop-a-long Jasper

During the last trip to the vet with Jasper, I learned that like most little dogs, he is at risk for a condition called “luxating patellas,” which essentially means that the joints on his kneecaps are too small and the bone can slip out at times. The vet said it really isn’t something I have […]

Writer’s Block

The last few days I’ve started writing several posts that have the potential to be quite good (I think), but keep getting stuck after the first few sentences are written. I’ve hit the delete button so many times, and immediately regretted doing this, that I’ve started to get pretty frustrated with this invisible roadblock. For […]

Making the First Move

Pursuing and maintaining a relationship of any type, be it romantic or simply friendship, takes a lot of work. Something I’ve always struggled with is being bold enough to take the chance and make that first move. Instead, I let my fear of rejection get in the way, and instead am miserable at times because […]

The Screen-Free Experiment

A few weeks ago one of my co-workers presented me with a challenge that he thought would be impossible for me to complete: Go 48 hours without using any electronic devices (no cellphone, iPad, computer, or television). Immediately, I rejected this idea as pure and utter insanity, as I rely heavily on each of these […]

They’ve Arrived

They’ve Arrived

Earlier tonight my new temporary roommates arrived at my apartment. It was a couple of days earlier than originally planned, but I think in the end their early arrival will have been a good thing. So far Merlin (who I’m pretty sure is really a combination between a house cat and miniature panther) has been […]

Vacation Planning Overload and Bucket List Goals

In order to start tackling some of the items on my bucket list, I realized some careful planning of trips I want to take would be required. With a general idea of the type of places I want to go, as well as the budget I’m willing to set for vacations this year, I’ve spent […]

Preparing for the Upcoming Cat Invasion

Preparing for the Upcoming Cat Invasion

For the last several months, the thought of getting another pet to keep Jasper company during the day while I’m at work has been on my mind. The addition of another pet is a huge commitment, and not something that should be decided impulsively. The possibility of having to house train another animal is not […]

Check it off the List: First Resolution Completed

Pardon my goofy expression here. :)

For the last few months, I’ve been debating about changing something relatively minor, but have been unable to pull the trigger and just go for it. This little change really only affects me, and last night (well early this morning) before I went to bed, I decided there was no better time than the present, […]

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