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Pet Peeves

Pet Peeve #16: Unintentional “Community Use” Dishes

With the semester ending for me this week, I can finally spend a little bit more time getting back into a hopefully regular schedule of blogging again. Something at my work that happened a couple of weeks ago has inspired today’s lovely little rant, and I’m curious to hear if anyone else shares this same […]

A Reminder of Why I Hate Shopping at Walmart

While not a great picture, this is the best I could manage while being shooed away from the building by the employees and law enforcement on scene.

Yesterday evening I made plans with a friend for an impromptu sleepover, as she needed to pick something up from me for work the next day, and since I live considerably closer to her work than she does, I had no problem letting her crash on my couch instead of driving back home late at […]

Pet Peeve #17: YA Relationships

I think I’ve mentioned this little tidbit before, but I happen to read a lot. At any given time, I’m reading at least one book, and sometimes will find myself pulled into several different books at the same time. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of young adult fiction, and I’ve noticed a pattern that […]

Pet Peeve #16: Elf on the Shelf

This holiday season, the feeds on both my Facebook and Pinterest have been clogged up with almost every friend (who has children) posting pictures of this creepy looking elf. At first, I thought it was cute and clever, but the more pictures I see (and the numbers are growing exponentially every day), the more I […]

Pet Peeve #15: Black Friday Sales now Start on Thanksgiving Day

Saying that consumerism is a way of life for most Americans might be a little bit of an understatement. With the holiday season quickly approaching, this especially rings true. Earlier today, countless people probably left their Thanksgiving dinner early in order to pitch a tent or set up a couple of chairs to wait in […]

Pet Peeve #14: Workplace Drama

Earlier this week, I faced a potentially awkward situation with a co-worker over something pretty minor, and while I wanted to prove why my side was the correct one, I decided to hold my tongue and wait to fight this battle another day. This confrontation has been eating at me for the last few days, because […]

Pet Peeve #13: YOLO

This little expression seems to be everywhere lately. The first few times I saw it on a t-shirt or an internet meme, I didn’t even care enough about what it meant to check Google for the definition, and figured it had to be something that came out of a reality tv show like Jersey Shore […]

Pet Peeve #12 :Why the Wait?

How long is too long to be kept waiting? As a person who likes instant gratification (I mean, really, who doesn’t like this?), I don’t always have the most patience when it comes to waiting. Sometimes I do a pretty good job of waiting, and when I know I have appointments that will have a […]

Pet Peeve #11: People Who Send Rude or Threatening Emails in an Effort to Score a Date or Start a Conversation

Over the last several weeks, I’ve taken a giant step back from the whole online scene, and in particular online dating. I noticed I was spending too much time concentrating on unimportant things and not enough being focused on making myself better. I still probably spend too much time browsing the web, but at least […]

Pet Peeve #10: Irresponsible Pet Owners

Lately, I’ve mentioned my dog, and things related to the little guy more than usual (and more than what is probably healthy), so this will be the last Jasper or pet themed post for a while. I promise. One of my favorite daily activities is taking Jasper out for walks, and letting him socialize with […]

Pet Peeve #9: Hey Beautiful

Since deciding a few weeks ago to re-post my online dating profile and get back into the whole dating game, this pet peeve has been bugging me more and more lately. The simple term of endearment “hello beautiful,” and the variations such as “gorgeous, darling, baby, and sweetie,” when coming from a total stranger is […]

Driving Lessons: Rules of the Road (Trip)

Over the past week I spent way more time in the car than normal while taking my niece back home and to attend camp with her. I made the epic journey back to St. Louis by myself today and came up with a few tips for long drives. Some are things I like for long […]

Spoiler-free Review: Prometheus

Over the weekend I went to see Prometheus. After watching the trailer, I knew it was something I wanted to see because it looked really exciting, but hadn’t decided if I would see it in the theater, or wait until I could watch it at home. With so many other movies coming out this year […]

Pet Peeve #6: Allergies

Over the last few weeks I discovered that I may have a food allergy to one of my favorite food groups: dairy. I’ve ignored the signs for a long time, and just silently suffered every time I’d eat ice cream or anything with milk in it (which as it turns out pretty much everything has […]

Pet Peeve #5: The Backhanded Compliment

Compliments are supposed to be a good thing, but sometimes when I receive them I wonder just how sincere the person is being. In some instances, I have even been a little offended by the compliment because of who it was coming from.  I’m sure at one point or another most people have given or […]

Pet Peeve #4: Bathroom Etiquette

I have a few quirks about bathrooms, especially concerning shared ones. My biggest gripe is relatively minor but I see it almost on a daily basis, which irritates me immensely: people not changing the toilet paper roll in shared bathrooms. At work, there are between fifteen and twenty people and a shared restroom. It never […]

Pet Peeves 1-3

Generally, I would say I’m a happy person, but sometimes, certain things really drive me crazy. I’ve been trying to not use this as a forum to complain, but sometimes you just have to let it out and stop dwelling on things. My list today is pretty short, and all come from some experience I’ve […]

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