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The 21 Day Fix Update 1: Making Progress and Food Filter Needed

With the first 4 days of my 21 day fix already over, I think this is a workout and meal plan I can actually keep doing until the end of the plan, and have already noticed some changes in both my exercise habits and food cravings. The workouts included with this plan definitely make you […]

The Creepiest Use of a 3D Printer…Yet?

The Creepiest Use of a 3D Printer…Yet?

Technology fascinates me and I find that there is always something new that has popped up with the potential to make life so much easier. Sometimes though, technology makes me scratch my head and wonder why on Earth anyone would have even come up with such an invention or idea.  One of my favorite technological […]

A New Challenge

One of my favorite parts about getting online is checking to see what  new articles or blog posts await me in my RSS reader. I don’t always have time to read every single item that I subscribe to, so I usually skim the headlines, open a couple in new tabs in my browser, then bookmark […]

Big Brother is Watching

Big Brother is Watching

Despite the fact that I’m pretty much constantly on camera when at work, or even just out and about running errands, it’s never been something that irritated me or even something I thought about often. I know the security cameras are present in public places to protect the interests of the company, and to a […]

Adventures in Movie (Trailer) Making

Today at work, my movie-making skills were put to the test, and I recorded a short educational video to assist some of the sales people in the company. Since the video is technically considered proprietary and I’d get in big trouble for sharing it, I decided to instead create a second video project this evening […]

Do You Buy the Extended Warranty?

Other than the Up bracelet, I haven’t purchased any electronics or gadgets recently, but a few weeks ago I spent an afternoon helping my parents pick out and purchase a new television. During the course of the visit to the electronics store, they were asked multiple times by each associate they spoke with about purchasing […]

Do You Snap?

A few months ago, one of my friends mentioned an app to me, but instead of downloading it or even checking it out, I simply put it on the list of things I’d get to eventually. The concept is pretty simple, as users send private messages to each other that can only be viewed for […]

Update on the UP Bracelet

Update on the UP Bracelet

Tomorrow (March 14th) will be the two-week mark since I started using the UP Band/Bracelet to track fitness and sleep patterns, so it seems like as good of a time as any to provide a little update with my opinions so far. In my earlier post about this gadget, I neglected to mention the name […]

My Newest Gadget

My Newest Gadget

I’m a sucker for new gadgets, and working in the industry of cell phones, it always seems like something new has just been released. I try not to jump on the bandwagon too much, but sometimes certain things cross my path that I just can’t resist– especially when it’s a cool gadget I read about […]

The Screen-Free Experiment

A few weeks ago one of my co-workers presented me with a challenge that he thought would be impossible for me to complete: Go 48 hours without using any electronic devices (no cellphone, iPad, computer, or television). Immediately, I rejected this idea as pure and utter insanity, as I rely heavily on each of these […]

High Definition Overkill

Most of the time movies or tv shows are enhanced by the addition of the super crisp images provided with high-definition, but sometimes it seems a little bit overdone. Earlier today I accepted an invitation to join a friend in watching one of my favorite movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark, in high-definition (via Blu Ray) […]

An App I’m Excited About: One Second Everyday

Several weeks ago an upcoming app caught my attention on Kickstarter, and before I’d even finished scanning the project page or watching the video, I was hooked and decided to back it. The purpose of this app is for lack of a better word, brilliant– using your existing smartphone camera (right now only the iPhone […]

Driving Lessons: Rental Cars

Over the last year or so, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in rental cars, with needing one for a vacation in the spring, and currently have one while my car is being repaired after a recent car accident deemed my car unsafe to drive (apparently having only the emergency latch holding the hood […]

The Vanishing Email Phenomenon

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my multiple email accounts, and my ongoing project of eliminating some of the unnecessary ones. I’ve made some strides in that area, but it’s still a work in progress. I have one account I’ve decided to keep, just for the purpose of mailing things to myself for later reference. […]

The Future of the Restaurant Industry?

A few weeks ago, while out to dinner with my brother and his wife, we had a rather interesting conversation about possible future enhancements to the restaurant industry. Both my brother and his wife are training to become chefs, so I usually defer to them or my older sister when it comes to culinary issues. […]

Email Overload: Universal Mailbox

Holding onto things, or having a collection of some sort is just part of human nature. Some people collect trinkets, like teacups, jewelry boxes, snow globes, or dolls. Some collect books, movies, art, games, etc. There aren’t any rules to define what makes something a collection, or listing what items are acceptable to collect. While […]

Foursquare: Adding a New Venue

A few weeks ago I finally decided to go ahead and set up my Foursquare account, and start using the app. Part of my reasoning for using this handy program is to track places I’ve eaten, so I can add them to my restaurant mapping guide I mentioned a while back. So far, I’ve visited […]

App of the Week: Logos Quiz Game

Over the weekend a friend introduced me to a new app for my phone which has been more than a little addicting since downloading it. I hadn’t downloaded anything new in quite a while, as I usually get tired of games after a couple of days, but took a chance on the Logos Quiz Game. […]

Does Klout Really Matter?

Earlier today, I read a blog post about Klout, which was quite interesting as it was the first time I’d heard of this website. For as much time that I spend on the internet, I was shocked to discover a website exists for the sole purpose of giving people a ranking based on someone’s online presence. […]

3D: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Over the past few years, the whole idea of 3D has seemed to get a lot more popular than I expected. I thought for sure it was just another fad, and would go away after a few months. I’m not an expert at all on the subject of 3D in movies and televisions, but it […]

How Connected Is Too Connected?

The other day while listening to music, a song came on that made me think of today’s subject. The song happened to be called “Slice,” by Five for Fighting, and the catchy tune, along with the subject of the song made me do a little thinking about how technology has impacted this generation, and myself. One […]

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