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There I Fixed It

I’m sure most people have had those moments when faced with a seemingly impossible challenge and out of nowhere the answer to solve it just appears as if by magic. Today, I had a moment just like that. For months, I’ve been trying to arrange moving a couch from Illinois where it was being stored […]

When to Tip?

Earlier tonight I was confronted with a rather unusual situation at a restaurant. I was given the mission of picking up a carry out order for dinner, and also be a tour guide on the way to the restaurant for one of my sister’s friends who is in town for the week. The restaurant that […]


There are quite a few websites that I check out on a daily basis, and sadly Craigslist makes the cut. I find that I will spend way too much time just scrolling through the listings, even when I’m not looking for anything in particular. I just find it fascinating to see what people are trying to […]

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