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Big Brother is Watching

Big Brother is Watching

Despite the fact that I’m pretty much constantly on camera when at work, or even just out and about running errands, it’s never been something that irritated me or even something I thought about often. I know the security cameras are present in public places to protect the interests of the company, and to a […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

Over the years, I’ve heard this phrase in reference to a variety of things, but have never really applied it to anything that I have experienced. Well, maybe on Halloween as a kid I learned too much candy or sweets equals a bellyache. A few weeks ago a decision at my work about scheduling made […]

Pet Peeve #14: Workplace Drama

Earlier this week, I faced a potentially awkward situation with a co-worker over something pretty minor, and while I wanted to prove why my side was the correct one, I decided to hold my tongue and wait to fight this battle another day. This confrontation has been eating at me for the last few days, because […]

Presentation is (almost) Everything

For most of my adult life, I’ve held jobs that are in the retail industry, and have spent countless hours working with customers. With so much experience under my belt, I’ve made quite a few observations that can help one be a more successful salesperson over the years. A big no-brainer is learning and mastering […]

Not a Happy Camper

Well, I was planning on writing something hilarious and wildly entertaining tonight, but a big day at work tomorrow morning, followed by a busy afternoon/evening means tomorrow is going to be a loooong day. Once the craziness of the next 24 or so hours is over, I promise to post something good, so stay tuned. […]

Facing Rejection and It’s Ok to Cry

Earlier today, I received some disappointing news that I was halfway expecting. I had recently interviewed for a promotion at two different locations within my company, and was informed that for both someone else had been selected instead of me. During each of the ‘bad news’ phone calls I was able to keep my calm, […]

Games We Play

In life, there are lots of different games played, and often multiple going on at once. When at work, I often notice that I do certain things or act a specific way around different people, and this activity is really just part of the game I play there. Around my bosses, I always try to make […]

Two Types Of Employees

On a daily basis, people I work with make decisions that I do not necessarily agree with, and I think in part this is because there are two types of employees.  1. Those who are people driven, and will go above and beyond to help out our customers. 2. Those who are numbers driven, and work […]

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