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  I decided after mentioning Jasper in a few posts already, it might be a good idea to make a little “About Jasper” page, since I’ll probably keep mentioning the little guy.

I adopted Jasper 3 and a half years ago, when he was about 7 weeks old, and I think he will be 4 sometime around the first week of August. I’m pretty sure he’s a full-blooded Pomeranian, although as I found him on Craigslist and the breeder only spoke limited English, I have no way of confirming this suspicion.

1 day after adopting Jasper… his front legs are shaved from a glucose injection he needed at his first vet visit.

When I first got him, he was only about 1.5 pounds and so weak that I had to supplement his daily food with this smelly paste containing glucose to raise his blood sugar level and weight. After a few weeks on the special diet, he started to get bigger and look more like a dog and less like a giant puff-ball.

At first, it was hard getting used to training a puppy, and he was so small that I was in constant fear of someone stepping on and hurting him. I kept him in an old playpen for a while, until he figured out that the mesh sides were easy to chew, and he escaped to roam the house while I was at work one day. I almost changed his name to Houdini that day.

Now that he’s an older dog, his puppy behaviors are pretty much gone, and most of the time he just naps with my parents’ cats all day. He still has problems with following directions, although I think that is more selective hearing on his part than not understanding.

Unlike most little dogs, he isn’t one to yip incessantly, and is a pretty horrible watch dog, as he only barks if the doorbell is rung (including door bells on tv shows).  Also, he makes a great traveling companion as he made the journey with me to the islands and couple of years ago and loves going to the beach with his doggie friends that still live in St. Thomas.

This is Jasper at his full size, and for once sitting nicely while I was able to take his picture!

One of his favorite things is getting dressed up in clothes, but I think the Ladybug was just a little too emasculating for him to pose with any dignity.

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